Charity Begins At The Margin

28 January, 2010

A friend of mine is a prominent member of a philanthropic business. The idea behind the organisation is very simple. They sell clothes along with the principle that you should commit an act of random kindness to a stranger each time you wear them. Profits finance charitable projects, large-scale ‘arks’.

Their objective is to enable a positive culture shift towards every-day charity, with the founder and all the employees motivated to join the company by their desire to make the world a better place. So how does charity shape up as an economic motivation?

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What To Give A Homeless Person For Christmas?

18 January, 2010

The festive season has just ended, and it has been a particularly harsh winter this year in Ireland. Although most of us enjoyed the snow, some two thousand homeless people in Dublin must have found it tremendously difficult.

If you’re feeling charitable, what’s the best way of manifesting this desire to help – Should I give a homeless man cash or a coffee? Because if you’re going to try and make a difference, it’s rational to maximise.

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