Where Do We Go From Here?

3 October, 2009

European FlagIt now looks like Ireland will pass the Lisbon Treaty. Remember the last referendum? There was literally no mention of many important issues which were lauded by the ‘Yes’ side this time round. Truly, it is difficult to blame the Irish people entirely for being skeptical the last time around.

There are valuable lessons to be learned from the whole fiasco, which started with the rejection of the European Constitution by Dutch and French voters in 2005. It’s time for everyone in Europe to start asking themselves: where are we heading with the European Union?

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Is Voting ‘No’ Europhobic?

26 September, 2009

European FlagDeclan Ganley writes in the Irish Times that another rejection of the Lisbon Treaty by the Irish people will not deter foreign direct investment to Ireland. However, to commentators in the US and elsewhere, the impression now is of a ‘two-speed’ Europe.

I would like to ask Mr. Ganley: If he was a foreign businessman with naught but commercial interest in our small island, would he feel more confident or less confident investing in Ireland on the assumption of indefinite privileged access to European markets after a ‘No’ vote? Under such completely hypothetical circumstances, I have no doubt that his interest in our nation would evaporate.

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United Europe?

12 September, 2009

European FlagThe debate on the Lisbon Treaty has taken off, and the ‘No’ campaign is as dishonest as they were during the last referendum. But it’s easy to misunderstand the benefits of supporting this Treaty too.

Many commentators have claimed that the new ‘High Representative for the Common Foreign and Security Policy’ will make Europe stronger and more influential globally. The effects will not be immediate.

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